Egypt accommodation

Egypt accommodation is graded using a rating scale of 1 to 4 for the hotels provided during a module or itinerary.

It should also be mentioned that our category ratings are not official star ratings.

The examples and descriptions of each comfort level are given below.

Most of our accommodation in our modules falls into category 3, which means good, comfortable accommodation with private shower and toilet, without the frills but plenty of atmosphere.

Category 1. Very basic accommodation

Very basic accommodation in a hut or tent with limited facilities.

You can expect this type accommodation during our desert camping adventures in the White Desert and Sinai Desert.

Category 2. Basic accommodation

Simple, yet reasonably comfortable.

Private room with basic facilities.

A place to lay your head down, but not much more than that. We hardly ever use accommodation in this category.

We do however have one budget itinerary where you can spend the night in a cosy, yet basic category 2 hotel in Aswan.

Category 3. Comfortable accommodation

Clean, well maintained accommodation with an authentic, welcoming atmosphere.

Most of our Egypt accommodation belongs to this category.

They vary from fine, small charming hotels to rustic clay huts in the oasis.

Category 4. Special accommodation

We’ve found some very atmospheric upgraded Egypt accommodation, which is slightly more expensive than other our standard choices, but well worth the extra cost.

For example, during our Sailing the Nile Dahabiya-style trip you’ll sleep aboard a fully restored traditional sailing ship – a really memorable Egypt experience.

Egypt accommodation – Level 4Egypt accommodation – Level 4

Egypt accommodation – Luxor hotel During your Egypt trip you’ll spend the night in authentic Egypt accommodation that best reflect the local area.

For instance you’ll stay at family-run hotels, comfortable guest houses, in villages of huts made of Egyptian clay, on traditional Dahabiyas or in a traditional Bedouin tent.

Along the Red Sea coastline we’ve found the most appealing locations for you to stay at, far away from mass tourism.

Our travel specialists personally selected the accommodation options available to you in Egypt. Each was selected based on the right combination of location, a friendly staff, service level, hygiene and the value for your money.

Special requests? If you’re planning an extra special trip, just let us know and we’ll make sure to book an extra special Egypt accommodation for you.

If you’re planning a special celebration such a honeymoon or perhaps you want to surprise your partner, just let us know and we’ll help you make your trip extraordinary.