Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises Almost any visitor to Egypt will be able to include one of the many cheap Nile Cruises in their travel plans. Three-day to full week options are available for any budget.
Cruising the Nile River in Egypt

Millions of visitors to Egypt made a point of heading out into the waters around Cairo aboard a small felucca (a traditional Middle Eastern sail boat) or booking passage on a Nile River cruise.

While some cruise itineraries involve more than a week of travel, there are those lasting three or four days as well. Anyone hoping to find cheap Egypt Nile cruises will have an enormous range of choices, and all will provide a high-quality experience at an affordable cost.
Quality at a Low Cost?

How can cheap Egypt Nile cruises be of good quality? Because so many visitors to Egypt want to view the river and the many historical sites along it shores, the touring companies are obliged to be very competitive in their pricing. This means that visitors with limited budgets, or even those without many budgetary concerns, would be able to identify many cheap Egypt Nile cruises that visit the areas they wish to see.


Typical Routes of Nile cruise Travel

The routes for most cruises along the Nile stretch from Luxor to the Aswan and Abu Simbel areas. This means that a departure from Cairo is usually not available. This does not mean that someone hoping to enjoy cheap Nile cruises will be unable to visit such Cairo sites and locations as the pyramids of Giza or the many marketplaces in the city.

Generally all cruises are independent of other tours, but there are some cheap Nile cruises that provide guided tours of Cairo and then a short flight to Luxor or Aswan where the cruise departs.

Cheap Egypt Nile cruises are not limited to a three or four day journey however, and many are very “inclusive” meaning they provide meals, entertainment and guided shore excursions.

Of course a traveler hoping to simply save some money on tour expenses can find many cheap Nile cruises that provide a comfortable accommodation and access to meals, but no guided tours. Such cruises will generally make stops at popular destinations or sites and the travelers must make their own arrangements for tours or transportation and meals.
Understand Your Limits

Obviously there are many options for cheap Nile cruises and the key to selecting the right one involves several factors.

Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

These are budget, itineraries and time constraints, and each will play a part in determining which are the best choices, for example a traveler with a limited budget and only a week to spend touring Egypt would want to investigate only cheap Nile cruises with a three to four day itinerary, while someone with more time could easily select from the lengthier, and more costly Nile cruise options.

 Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

Egypt is the perfect way to tour the highlights of Egypt instyle and safety.

Starting and ending in Cairo, this fantastic short trip includes guided tours of the pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, the temples of Abu Simbel and more.

Led by a local Egyptian  guide, our Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises is sure to be an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

  1. The Bucket List
  2. Temples of Luxor & Karnak
  3. Egyptian Museum
  4. Nubian village visit
  5. Pyramids & Sphinx at Giza Plateau
  6. Temples of Abu Simbel
  7. Valley of the Kings & Temple of Hatshepsut
  8. Saqqara Step Pyramid, Coptic Cairo & Khan el Khalili
  9. Egyptology tours at major sites (entrance fees not included)
  10. More Inclusions
  11. 7 Breakfasts
  12. 4 nights twin share in 4* hotels, 1 night twin share in 3* hotel, 2 nights aboard overnight coach
    Arrival transfer from the airport to hotel
  13. Transport
  14. Awesome English-speaking Trip Leader
  15. 8 DAY | Essential Egypt MXETCC-7 Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Cairo, Egypt
Slip into the rhythm of 6.76 million bodies, join in a game of backgammon and find out why the Egyptians call this place Umm al-Dunya or
‘the mother of the world’. Just make sure to rock up in time for tonight’s welcome meeting.

Included today:
  1. – Airport transfers
  2. Day 2 – Cairo to Aswan via Overnight Coach
    There’s old, and then there’s the necropolis of Saqqara. Soak up some ancient history, meander Coptic Cairo and get your haggle on in Khan
    el-Khalili market. Refuel with a mint tea or keep exploring.
    Included today:
    – Saqqara pyramid
    – Coptic Cairo
    – Khan el-Khalili market
    – Breakfast
    Day 3 – Aswan
    Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Lord Byron… They’ve all done it. Go low tech with a ride on a traditional felucca sailboat down the Nile. Switch to a
    motor boat to take in views of the Mausoleum of Aga Khan and Tombs of the Nobles before we jump ship at a Nubian village.
  3. Included today:
  4. – Short felucca ride
  5. – Nubian village visit
  6. Meals:
  7. – Breakfast
  8. Optional activities:
  9. – Camel ride
  10. – Nubian dinner
  11. Day 4 – Aswan
    Kanye may lyricise that he is a god, but the great Pharaoh Ramesses II apparently bedded 1000 woman and fathered 90 children in his time.
    His four colossal statues at Abu Simbel are probably what Kanye has in mind when he looks in the mirror each morning. Yeezus! Visit the
    Temple of Hathor – built in
    honour of his wife, Queen Nefertari – then drink in the magic of the Nile at sunset.
    Included today:
    – Abu Simbel
    – Breakfast
    Optional activities:
    – Philae Temple
  12. Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises Day 5 – Aswan to Luxor
    G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. Today we’re travelling first class (in an air-conditioned mini bus) to Karnak for a touch of Luxor. Once the capital of ancient
    Egypt, it’s now a history-strewn landscape of souks and temples.
    Included today:
    – Karnak & Luxor temples
    – Breakfast
    Day 6 – Luxor to Cairo via Overnight Coach
    Walk into the Valley of the Kings – aka the place everyone in ancient Egypt was dying to get into, then fly the flag for girl power at the temple
    of Queen Hatshepsut before gawking at the Colossi of Memnon.
    Included today:
    – Valley of the Kings
    – Temple of Hatshepsut
    – Colossi of Memnon
    – Breakfast
    Day 7 – Cairo
    Walk like an Egyptian into King Tutankhamun’s treasure chest at the Egyptian Museum – home to over 160,00 relics – then gain some
    perspective at the base of the 138-metre Great Pyramid of Giza. This hunk of ancient architecture could be remodelled into 30 Empire State
    Buildings. The Sphinx is its big-ass guard dog (or should that be lionman?).
    Included today:
    – Egyptian Museum
    – Giza pyramids & Sphinx
    – Breakfast
    Optional activities:
    – Nile dinner cruise
    Day 8 – Cairo
    The trip ends here (well, breakfast first), but pop on that fedora and keep on exploring, Indy. New York may tout itself as the city that never
    sleeps but it’s got nothin’ on the Big Mango.
    – Breakfast
    On your trip you will stay primarily in superior quality, three- and four-star hotels on a twin-share basis. All hotels used are fully airconditioned.
    The ‘More Inclusions’ section on this document has a full breakdown of the accommodation used.
    Nile Cruise Alternative
    Interested in this same itinerary, but want to spend 3 of the nights on a 5 Star Nile Cruise Ship between Aswan and Luxor? Check
    out the Nile Discovery for the cruise version of this trip. As long as you give us at least 12 weeks notice, we are happy to switch you over to
    this itinerary without charging an amendment fee. You will of course need to pay the price difference though!
    Optional Activities
    On all trips we have arranged extra activities that we think will enhance your travel experience, but you have a choice as to whether or not
    you will participate. These are not included in the cost of your trip. They are usually organised on a group participation basis and should be
    taken into consideration when budgeting your spending money.
    None of the Optional Activities on your trip are operated by Topdeck, nor do they form part of your contract with Topdeck for your trip.
    Topdeck arranges the activity as an agent of the local supplier. Should you participate in any Optional Activities your contract will be with the
    local supplier and their conditions will apply.
    Please note: while we make every effort to keep these prices as accurate and up-to-date as possible, they are subject to change and in rare
    circumstances the actual price may vary slightly to what is published here.
    Camel Ride – US$26
    Traditional Nubian Dinner – US$15
    Camel Ride & Traditional Nubian Dinner – US$41
    Philae Temple & Nile High Dam – US$48
    Nile Dinner Cruise: includes belly dancer, Darwish dance & live music – US$48
    IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two USD rates of exchange in Egypt, the bank rate and the street rate, and these rates can be significantly
    different. As of 24 Oct 2016, for example, the bank rate is 1 USD = 8.88 EGP, whereas the street rate is 1 USD = 15.5 EGP. Banks will buy your
    USD (if you want EGP), but they will rarely be able to give you USD in exchange for another currency. As such, the functioning exchange is the
    street rate, which is clearly far less favourable if you want to purchase USD. Therefore, we highly recommend that you bring USD with
    you to pay for Topdeck optionals, which are calculated in USD.  If you choose to pay for optionals in EGP, your Trip Leader must calculate
    the cost using the street rate, which will be much more expensive for you.
    Your included meals are detailed in the ‘More Inclusions’ section of this document.
    Breakfasts are included every day on most trips (except on the first morning). A typical breakfast may consist of cereals with milk or yoghurt,
    bread, croissants, cold meats, cheese and a range of spreads, with fruit juice, tea or coffee to drink. It is rare to get a hot breakfast, though on
    some occasions there may be some hot food available as well.
    When included, evening meals are in local restaurants or you place of accommodation and are either two or three courses. In most cases

    Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

    Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

    table water is provided with the meals, and if you wish to purchase additional drinks you can do so at your own expense.
    If you have any dietary requirements we will make every effort to cater to your specific needs as long as you advise your travel agent or
    Topdeck Trip Consultant when you book. But please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to arrange it, we cannot
    guarantee that every restaurant we use will be able to cater to all dietary needs. We also cannot cater for tastes or dislikes, as most of our
    included evening meals feature a set menu.
    If you allow USD 20 per day in Egypt for meals not included you will be able to eat fairly well.
    Topdeck Travel App
    Our travel app has landed! With a range of awesome features including a Currency Converter, Budget Tracker, Check-In tool and Social
    Timeline you can plan your trip like a pro. Think of it like your very own Topdeck Trip Leader, always on call with the latest info, weather,
    maps and city guides to give you the trip of a lifetime, all in the palm of your hand.
    Please note: The Topdeck Travel App should only be downloaded once you have booked onto your trip. You will not be able to log in unless
    you have a Topdeck Booking Reference Number.
    Get it for iPhone
    Get it for Android
    Passenger safety

  13. Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

  14. One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing the nightlife and entertainment each city has to offer. However, amidst the fun and
    excitement, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and personal safety as well. Before you hit the road with us, it’s important to be
    aware of the following:
    When you’re on a night out, remember to avoid walking alone, particularly through deserted areas like beaches and back streets. Always
    stick together, take a taxi where possible, and keep a note of your accommodation details so you can find your way back to your fellow
    Topdeckers if you become separated.
    In some countries, alcoholic measures can be considerably larger than what you may be used to. Try to keep track of what you’re drinking,
    and if you see one of your trip mates looking a little worse for wear, take them back to your accommodation. Be cautious when accepting
    drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.
    It’s also important to be aware that what you might consider harmless flirting may be interpreted differently in some countries. Be yourself
    and have fun, but don’t be naïve, and be mindful of the signals you are sending out so that you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable
    Other Information
    Entrance Fees
    Please note: while we make every effort to keep these prices as accurate and up-to-date as possible, they are subject to change and in rare
    circumstances the actual price may vary slightly to what is published here.
    Cairo, Egypt
    Adult Student
    Pyramids & Sphinx Complex EGP 80 EGP 40
    Entrance inside Pyramid EGP 40 EGP 20
    Egyptian Museum EGP 85 EGP 45
    Mummies Room in Egyptian
    EGP 100 EGP 65
    Saqqara EGP 80 EGP 40
    Aswan, Egypt
    Adult Student
    Abu Simbel EGP 115 EGP 70
    Luxor, Egypt
    Adult Student
    Karnak Temple EGP 80 EGP 40
    Luxor Temple EGP 60 EGP 30
    Valley of the Kings EGP 104 EGP 54
    Temple of Queen Hatshepsut EGP 52 EGP 27
    Kom Ombo Temple EGP 40 EGP 20
    Edfu Temple EGP 60 EGP 30
    Changing Money
    Cash points/ATMs are widely available and are the safest and easiest way to access cash.
    Most major credit cards are accepted throughout the region. We recommend that you bring yours along in case you see something special,
    which you hadn’t budgeted for.
    Please note credit cards cannot be used to pay for Optional Activities.
    It is advisable you notify your bank or credit card issuing company of your intention to travel as for security reasons, banks and credit card
    companies sometimes block cards when withdrawals are unexpectedly made overseas.
    British pounds, Euros and US dollars are easily exchanged in Egypt and are an alternative to using ATMs. US dollars cash can also be used for
    some purchases. NOTE: You may not be able to exchange other currencies.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two USD rates of exchange in Egypt, the bank rate and the street rate, and these rates can be significantly
    different. As of 24 Oct 2016, for example, the bank rate is 1 USD = 8.88 EGP, whereas the street rate is 1 USD = 15.5 EGP. Banks will buy your
    USD (if you want EGP), but they will rarely be able to give you USD in exchange for another currency. As such, the functioning exchange is the
    street rate, which is clearly far less favourable if you want to purchase USD. Therefore, we highly recommend that you bring USD with
    you to pay for Topdeck optionals, which are calculated in USD.  If you choose to pay for optionals in EGP, your Trip Leader must calculate
    the cost using the street rate, which will be much more expensive for you.
    Upon arrival at Cairo airport it is advisable to cash up about EGP 200. This will cover any expenditure on your Cairo sightseeing day and give
    you flexibility until you need to change more money where you can get a better exchange rate.
    On your trip you will be given the opportunity to change money at either a bank or hotel.
    Bear in mind for the end of your trip that changing Egyptian pounds back into dollars or other major currencies can be complicated and the
    exchange rate will certainly be unfavourable. So keep an eye on the amounts you take out so you’re not left with a huge surplus at the end of
    your trip.
    Spending Money
    Based on past experience, we recommend at least EGP 400 – 500 (approx USD 55 – 70) per day to cover your normal expenses including
    sightseeing, small souvenir shopping and non-included meals. If you wish to purchase expensive souvenirs, you will need to budget for more,
    or use your credit cards for these purchases.
    Remember, this is a rough figure only and spending habits vary greatly between individuals according to their budget and habits!
    Although you may not be accustomed to tipping at home, tipping (known locally as ‘baksheesh’) is an important way of life in Egypt and is
    something that is done by locals as well as tourists.
    When travelling with Topdeck, tips are already included on anything that forms part of your itinerary, including bus/coach drivers, included
    meals, hotel staff, local guides, etc. This includes your Topdeck Trip Leader. That means you do not have to tip for any of these included
    However, you will need to tip for services that are not included, so please take this into consideration when working out your budget. For
    example, you will need to tip at non-included meals when you pay for the meal yourself, even if your Trip Leader has helped organise it, and
    you will need to tip for anything you do on your free time. Your Trip Leader can advise you what an appropriate tip amount is. A general rule
    when tipping is if the service warrants it, tip what you think is a fair amount, and if you do not think so, then do not tip or tip less than
    normal. Also, do not get bullied into tipping and disregard any comments that you have not given enough.
    Topdeck Top Tip: it is a really good idea to hide away somewhere a small amount of cash and/or extra card; this will really come in handy in
    the unlikely event that you lose your wallet or any other kind of emergency.
    It is compulsory for all passengers to take out comprehensive travel insurance before the trip departs covering cancellation, medical
    expenses including repatriation, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, money and personal liability.
    World Nomads provide comprehensive travel insurance for people from over 140 countries. For more information go to
    You must bring a copy of your travel insurance policy with you on the trip. Your Trip Leader will make a record of your travel insurance
    details at the start of your trip, e.g. the name of the insurance company, the 24 hour emergency telephone number, and your policy number.
    These will be sent to our operations team to ensure that if you lose your policy details, they can be easily retrieved.
    Passports & Visa
    Please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the last day of your trip. Some countries will refuse entry if there is not at
    least six months validity on your passport after your departure date from their country.
    Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to enter Egypt. Some nationals can obtain a visa on arrival at Cairo airport. These are
    available at all banks at the airport, which are open to meet all flights. The cost of a visa on arrival is currently US$25 for a single entry visa.
    It is recommended that you contact your local Egyptian consulate to ensure you can obtain a visa on arrival, or to determine if you
    need to obtain a visa prior to travelling.
    Remember that some visas can take up to six weeks to acquire, so don’t leave it until the last minute. Also bear in mind that the validity of
    the visa often runs from the date of issue rather than date of entry into the country.
    Please check with an Egyptian consulate or embassy prior to departure as requirements do change periodically.
  15. Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises IMPORTANT NOTE

  16. Your booking includes a transfer from the airport to your joining hotel on Day 1. On flight arrival in Cairo,
    follow the signs for immigration and baggage collection. You will be met by a Topdeck representative (holding a Topdeck sign)
    before you clear immigration who will assist you with obtaining your visa and progressing through customs. On occasion, our
    representative is not able to meet you before immigration. If this is the case, you need to purchase your entry visa from
    one of the bank stalls just before immigration, then proceed through immigration yourself. NOTE: not all nationals can obtain
    a visa on arrival in Egypt (please ensure you check with the Egyptian Embassy before travel).
    Our representative will then meet you before you collect your luggage.
    The transfer to the hotel can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending
    on traffic.
  17. Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

  18. In order to make sure a representative is at the airport to meet you, you will need to contact your Topdeck with your flight
    details at least five days before you travel. If you have any difficulties finding the Topdeck representative and you have already
    cleared immigration at Cairo airport, please contact us on one of the local Egyptian mobile numbers listed in the General
    Information section of this document.
    If for any reason you need to make your own way to the joining hotel, the address of our usual hotel is listed in this document. You can take
    a taxi from the airport to the hotel. However, note that on occasion, we move our groups to different properties. If you need to make your
    own way, please confirm the hotel location prior to departing the airport by contacting us on one of the local Egyptian
    mobile numbers listed in the General Information section of this document.
    Depending on your trip, you could be travelling in a modern air-conditioned coach or mini-buses, a traditional Nile
    sailing felucca, and/or a 5 star Nile Cruise Ship.
    Importantly we own all of our coaches, meaning we can be sure they are well serviced and of a high standard. The
    quality of all other types of transport has been thoroughly checked and verified by our local offices to ensure they meet
    our specific requirements. All transport is included in your trip price, and will ensure you arrive at each destination
    feeling refreshed and ready to explore.
    Health & Safety
    We want to make sure you’re having the time of your life while travelling with us. Therefore, if you suffer from any kind of medical condition
    or allergies, we will need to know at the time of booking, or at least six weeks prior to the departure of your trip.
    If you require regular medication, you must have a sufficient supply before your trip departs, as it may be difficult to obtain while travelling.
    You must be able to administer your own medication, as Topdeck Road Crew will not be able to administer it, and there are no guarantees
    that there will be anyone with first aid training on board.
    Strict food and water hygiene is essential to avoid diarrhoea. Make sure food has been properly prepared, drink only boiled or bottled water
    and keep in mind that ice will likely come from tap water. Also take precautions against insect bites and sunburn. During the hot summer
    months it is advisable to carry bottled water in your day-pack at all times.
    We recommend that you ensure your tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, polio and hepatitis vaccinations are up to date. Please consult a medical
    practitioner for the relevant requirements prior to travelling.
    Safety note
    If you are arriving a few days before the start of your trip, please be advised not to accept offers from people to visit specialty shops or to
    take guided tours. These people are not associated with Topdeck and therefore we can’t be responsible for the service you receive from
    them. Your Topdeck trip includes professional guides who will accompany you to all the sites mentioned in your itinerary.
    General Information
    Egypt-the currency unit in Egypt is the Egyptian pound(EGP), divided into 100 piastres.
    In Egypt British pounds, euros and US dollars are widely accepted, so carrying some cash in small denomination notes is helpful. It is
    generally always possible to change money into local currency after arriving in the country, and the easiest way is to make a withdrawal from
    a local ATM.
    Egypt uses the same two-prong plug as used in Europe (CEE 7/16 standard) and a ingle adaptor will work throughout the country.
    Throughout Egypt the voltage is a uniform 220v. If the voltage is the same or similar in your home country your appliance will comply. If you
    have a 110v appliance you will need to use a transformer to avoid damaging your appliance.
    Contact Us
    Should you encounter any difficulties meeting your transfer from the airport to the starting hotel, depending on which country you are in
    you can contact a Topdeck representative on the following:
    Tamer Adel – Operations Manager
    Mobile: +(20) 100 534 0350
    Osama Yousef – Topdeck Representatives Supervisor
    Mobile: +(20) 122 197 9097
    In Cases of Emergency
    While we hope you never have to use it, if for any reason you need to contact someone from Topdeck, whether it be that you have missed a
    trip departure meeting, have become separated from your trip on the road or any other unforeseeable problem, the following options are
    available to you.
    London Office
    Your best recourse to assistance during the day is to call our team between 8am-9pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am-4pm on Saturdays UK
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8987 3305
    Emergency Contact
    If you need to contact Topdeck outside of the above hours the following number is available:
    Mobile: +(44) 7792 775 415
    Please remember if it is a genuine emergency, we of course want you to call us; however, if it can wait until the next day, we ask that you
    call during our office hours. Thank you.
    What to bring
    We recommend soft bags, suitcases or frameless backpacks, plus a small day pack or carry bag. No external framed bags please, as they
    damage other bags on the coach. Please limit your luggage to a maximum of 20kg. Luggage must not exceed dimensions of 70cm in height,
    45cm in width and 25cm in depth. Only one piece of luggage is allowed.
    Please note that due to space and weight restrictions on our coaches, passengers with too much luggage on departure morning may be told
    that they cannot take their entire luggage with them. Luggage storage facilities are usually available at the departure point, if they are not
    available you will have to make your own arrangements to have it stored or shipped home. Any luggage left behind will be at your own risk
    and you will be required to pay any costs incurred.
    Suggested packing list
    The golden rule is to travel as light as you can. Only bring what you really need and leave plenty of space for things you might want to buy.
    Don’t forget you will have to carry your bag around yourself before and after the trip, as well as in and out of where you’re staying while on
    your Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises trip!
    The following is a suggested clothing list only, based on our experience.
    1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
    1 pair of smart-casual shoes
    1 pair of thongs/jandals/flip-flops
    2 pairs jeans/trousers
    2 pairs shorts/skirts
    4 shirts/t-shirts
    2 sweaters/jumpers
    Smart casual evening wear
    1 rainproof jacket
    Underwear and socks!
    General Things to Pack:
    Swimming costume
    Beach Towel
    Hat & Sunscreen
    Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin etc.)
    Washing powder
    Insect repellent
    Conversion plug
    Travel pillow
    Travelling in winter
  19. Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

  20. While the daytime temperatures can be mild in the winter months in the region, the evenings are generally cold, especially in Upper Egypt,
    on the feluccas and in the desert. We recommend that you bring warm clothing including a warm coat for use in the evenings.
    The hotels do not cater for winter temperatures as well as they perhaps could so we recommend you bring something warm to sleep in. You
    need a good sleep at night to enjoy the daytime activities. The winter is not the busiest season, so the mild days can make sightseeing more
    enjoyable than during the heat of summer, and provided you have some warm clothes, walking through street markets without the crowds is
    a joy.
    Sleeping bags
    A sleeping bag will be not required for this trip.
    Final checklist
    Passport (with visas if required!)
    Airline tickets (where applicable)
    Insurance Policy (you must bring these details with you)
    Camera; batteries; chargers; conversion plug
    Topdeck eKit global phone card, SIM card or phone
    Keep in touch & stay secure
    Claim your free Topdeck Global SIM card before you leave for your trip!
    Just follow this link to claim use your Topdeck “Booking Reference” and purchase a minimum of $20
    calling credit.
    The Topdeck SIM is a roaming SIM and designed just for travellers. Drop it into your unlocked handset and enjoy huge savings on
    international calls, SMS and Data, when travelling throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and the Middle East.
    Every SIM card also includes the ekit Travel Journal. The Travel Journal automatically updates your location to Google maps on a daily basis.
    This allows you to keep track of where you’ve been, and with the option to publish this on Facebook and Twitter you can easily show-off your
    travels to friends and family. Not only does this provide a hassle free way of keeping in contact, but you can text in your own journal updates
    or photos and receive free notifications when people comment on your Facebook timeline.
    Free SIM card and US$10 bonus call credit, when you purchase US$20 of call credit
    Coverage in over 190 countries (including all of Europe)
    Free shipping to Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Canada
    Save up to 90% on international calls
    Data from $0.49/MB
    Pre-paid so no worry about bill shock!
    Please check that your handset is unlocked with your phone provider before you depart. You will be unable to use SIMs with a locked
    For more information visit the previous URL or phone our dedicated 24/7 Customer Service on:
    Australia: 1800 795 252
    UK: 0800 376 2370
    USA: 1-888-513-8804
    Canada: 1-888-513-8804
    Use ekit’s travel vault and avoid hassles along the way. You can securely store all your important documents online, passport number,
    insurance and visa information and travellers cheques details. Refer to the ekit brochure or visit
    Starting to get excited?!

Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 13.08.2012
Save up to £335
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 07.01.2013
Save up to £300
Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises, Egypt
7 nights, departing 26.11.2012
Save up to £265
Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises, Egypt
11 nights, departing 14.01.2013
from £1422
Save up to £290

Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 13.08.2012
Save up to £335
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 07.01.2013
Save up to £300
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 26.11.2012
Save up to £265
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
11 nights, departing 14.01.2013
from £1422
Save up to £290

  • Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises Payment policy:

    Different options for paying the cost, you can use any of the following payment methods:
    . By Money Gram
    .By Western Union – with conditions
    . Bank wire transfer – our info will be given on time
    .Upon Arrival at the airport – with conditions

.( % By Credit card (Supplement 5
1-Authorization letter.

Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises Children Policy:

  • 01 Children till 2 years old will be charged only 10% of domestic airfare.
  • 02 Children between 2-12 years will be charged 50% of total as an adult person.
  • 03 Children up to 6 years old will be free sharing parent’s room (only charge will be for train or bus tickets where applicable).
  • 04 Children between the age of seven and eleven years will be charged 50% of adult price.
  • 05 Children over eleven years old will be change as an adult person 100 % of adult price.

Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises Cancellation  Policy

In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied:

  • 01 Between 40 and 30 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
  • 02 Between 29 and 15 days before your arrival date 50% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
  • 03 Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date 75% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
  • 04 Between 7 and 1 day before your arrival date 100% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
  • Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises

Also, there are cancellation fees on all domestic flights in case you book a tour and you would like to cancel it at any time before starting your tours. The cancellation fees of the domestic flights are subject to the airlines cancellation policy which changes from case to case.

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