Monuments Sight Seeing Attractions Ras Sudr

Ras El Sudr Tourist Information Monuments Sight Seeing Attractions Ras Sudr is located about 200 kms from Cairo.

Ras El Sudr Tourist Information provides you with information as to how to get to Ras El Sudr from different destinations.

You can travel to Ras El Sudr via Cairo or Sharm el Sheik.

The former option can be recommended for it is the shortest way which enables the visitor to get to the several attractions the city has to offer.

You also can touch the Egyptian capital, on your return journey.

If that is the case, it would be best to stay overnight at Cairo.

Monuments Sight Seeing Attractions Ras Sudr

Monuments Sight Seeing Attractions Ras Sudr

Ras El Sudr via Cairo:

If you have decided to make your own travel arrangements, you can either book a cab or a rental car once you reach there, although this is an expensive option.

Ras El Sudr tourist information requires that you to opt for a rental car leave the Cairo International Airport and travel towards the south towards the Suez tunnel.

The tunnel is followed by a bend.

You should take the first exit in the direction of Ras El Sudr, El Tor and Sharm el Sheik.

Ras El Sudr via Sharm el Sheik:

One of the advantages of flying to Sharm el Sheik lies in the number of charter carriers that fly to this destination, the best known of them being Sinai.

The distance from Ras El Sudr to Sharm el Sheik takes about four hours by taxi.

You should take the southern route along the harbor to El Tor.

The road follows the shore for most of your journey.

Major airline companies offer scheduled flights from Cairo International Airport to almost every European city.

This implies that your stay in Ras El Sudr is not subject to the normal weekly schedule.

You can come here any day and stay for as long as you wish.  

offers information regarding Ras El Sudr Tourist Information, in Egypt.

Ras Sudr (or simply Sudr) was originally developed as the base town for one of Egypt’s largest oil refineries, though its coastline and proximity to Cairo have spurred its transition into a resort area for wealthy Cairene families.

The town centre lies just off the main highway, while to the south and north lie a handful of ageing resorts interspersed with holiday villas.

With near constant winds, blowing at mostly force five or six, Sudr also enjoys a fine reputation among windsurfers.

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