Choosing the right Nile Cruises

Choosing right Nile Cruises Your Nile Cruise reservation center Advisor once engaged when you book a cruise with us, May be able to offer you group rates ( without joining a group! ), free upgrades or discounts.

We receive daily faxes from the Nile cruise lines offering special promotions so be sure to ask if there are any special offers available.

Will offer the best possible Nile cruise options based on your lifestyle, interests, budget, travel experience, etc.
Will review the proper immigration/passport/birth certificate documentation necessary for your cruise.

Arrange any special needs — such as a handicap-designed stateroom, or a special diet. Arrange for any special occasions you might be celebrating like a birthday or anniversary.

Give you General Information that cover ”Things to Know Before You Go”. Inform you when final payment is due and the deadline to request air deviations and arrange pre-or-post Nile cruise land packages.

Advise you about tipping; packing; clothing; flights and schedule options; shore excursions, etc. We want you to feel confident- and excited- about the choices you have, no matter if this is your first river cruise or simply seeking a new adventure.

We’ll help you choose the Nile cruise that’s right for you–whether you’re traveling alone, with children, or with a group of relatives or friends.


The answer to this depends on whether your preference is price or preferences.

It is true that you may find some great prices by waiting to book at the last minute, however you may also find no space available on the ship.

You could also end up paying more than those who booked early due to the lack of space.

A product on demand will have a higher price.
Last Minute Deals: We also receive updated Last Minute Deals with new specials from the Nile cruise lines. Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter and you can get the latest prices, just when we do.

Fair and Impartial Advice:

We represent various Nile cruise lines – we don’t promote one particular Nile cruise line over the other.

Choosing the right cruise experience for you is our number one priority. at Nile Cruise

Reservations Online:

we provide the highest possible level of support and service to our clients.

We work hard to get you the lowest price possible, on any Nile cruise line.
Our Responsible Tourism Policy Nile Cruise Reservation  has been in the tourism and travel business since 1980, Cater for travelers who want to go beneath the surface and stretching their minds, their limits and experience the true land and culture, those who care about saving the wonders of the world.

Nile Cruise Reservation believes that responsible travel protects the environment and benefits local communities.
We have partnered with like-minded local organizations to further our mission to improve positive impacts of Tourism.

Policy Aims:

Our aims include and not limited to: –

Decrease the unemployment rate among the locals -Improve the quality of living through Education and training. -Decrease the cultural misunderstanding between the East and the west by allowing travelers to interact with the locals. -Improve the knowledge and expectations of the tourist prior to their arrival and during their stay in the holiday destinations. –
Nile Cruise Reservation  takes serious measures to avoid any negative impact on natural environments during all tours. -Our trip guides advice all our groups n -Assist the communities to preserve the local crafts and art. -Promoting non-intrusive eco-tourism -Support the social local group specially those who care for children and animals.
Economic responsibility: – Nile Cruise Reservation  hires local guides, camel drivers and sailors to ensure positive impact on the local economy. –
We use local, family owned and operated services, such as Feluccas, Dahabias, small hotels and restaurants. –
We assist our travelers to support and invest in the local economy in many different ways

Environmental responsibility: –

Nile Cruise Reservation Center takes serious measures to avoid any negative impact on natural environments during all tours. – Our trip guides advice all our groups not to purchase any products made from endangered local wildlife. –
Nile Cruise Reservation Center supports Natural reserves and protected areas by paying entry fees and donation. – Nile Cruise Reservation Center encourages Nile cruises and hotels to give guests the option of not having their bed sheets and towels laundered every day to reduce water and detergent consumption. – In all of our tours we dispose rubbish properly

Social responsibility: –

Nile Cruise Reservation Center provides local guide services and invests in educating and training them. – We take our guest to home hosted meals to melt the ice among different cultures – We provide information to minimize the negative social impact. –
Our guides inform guests of local practices and customs and help them learn the local language.

Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 13.08.2012
Save up to £335
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 07.01.2013
Save up to £300
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
7 nights, departing 26.11.2012
Save up to £265
Cruise Within Egypt, Egypt
11 nights, departing 14.01.2013
from £1422
Save up to £290

Payment policy:
Different options for paying the cost, you can use any of the following payment methods:
. By Money Gram
.By Western Union – with conditions
. Bank wire transfer – our info will be given on time
.Upon Arrival at the airport – with conditions

.( % By Credit card (Supplement 5
1-Authorization letter.
Shore Excursions Travelers & day tours:
Do not have to put any down payment. Full payment is to be made at the end of the tour.
Individual Travelers:
50 % of total Invoice must be paid upon confirmation as a Deposit Within at least 15 days prior to Arrival date. (We will send you a receipt to confirm receiving your deposit) we will collect the remaining 50 % upon arrival. If you choose package that only includes tours, we can accept full payment upon arrival.
Groups Travelers:
50 % of total Invoice must be paid upon confirmation as a Deposit approximately within at least 20 days prior to the arrival date (we will send you a receipt of your deposit to confirm receiving your deposit). The Remaining 50 % to be paid upon arrival..
Children Policy:
 till 2 years old will be charged only 10% of domestic airfare.
 between 2-12 years will be charged 50% of total as an adult person.
 up to 6 years old will be free sharing parent’s room (only charge will be for train or bus tickets where applicable).
Children between the age of seven and eleven years will be charged 50% of adult price.
Children over eleven years old will be change as an adult person 100 % of adult price.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellation should be received in writing document by fax or email. In case the cancellation happened before 40 days from the departure date it will be subjected to 6% of the total amount received it will deducted by the bank as a transaction fees. If a tour participant cancel his/her reservation the following fees will be applies:
In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied:
 40 and 30 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
29 and 15 days before your arrival date 50% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
14 and 7 days before your arrival date 75% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
 7 and 1 day before your arrival date 100% of the entire tour price will be deducted.
Also, there are cancellation fees on all domestic flights in case you book a tour and you would like to cancel it at any time before starting your tours. The cancellation fees of the domestic flights are subject to the airlines cancellation policy which changes from case to case.
A refund will normally be made to the same card account and using the same method as the o